Sikh Forgiveness

Sikh Forgiveness is dedicated to raising mental health awareness within Gurdwara Sahibs

Sandy created Sikh Forgiveness in 2018. Its mission is to provide a seva (selfless service) to the community.

The vision for Sikh Forgiveness going forward is to create educational safe spaces, and break down language barriers for those receiving and obtaining support around mental health.

SF has created and delivered a number of educational workshops and supported gurdwaras to begin the mental health conversation. Where informative infographics have already been implemented. As seen above.

Listen to our two series bilingual podcast in   Punjabi, Urdu and English

The Mental Health Ki Hundi Hai is a guide and an understanding of clinically diagnosed mental health disorders. Its for the everyday person and for professionals to get real about mental health. The narrative for mental health can change when we eliminate the fear of the word. Very often mental health is dulled down, misinterpreted, or judged. Now we want to make it a normalised conversation. It is not a taboo or a stigma, it is our health. Being able to communicate these truths in translation is to break down those languages’ barriers far too many have experienced. This book contains 15+ mental health conditions with the English and Punjabi translation. To support anyone and everyone understand What mental health is.

The paperback and eBook also available on Amazon. If you would like to order more bulk copies please email