About Us


To challenge the current mindset on mental Health and suicide in the Punjabi Communities. Inspiring the generations to know that feelings to give up do pass.

We aim to empower the others to live a life where, suicide is preventable and mental health is managed with tailored, accessible, and relevant resources for the Punjabi community.


Sehhat is a non – profit organisation established in 2022 built from lived experiences.

Suicide is a very difficult to understand yet still a highly stigmatised topic within Punjabi communities. With the limiting resources to establish a death my suicide, those living with mental health, and due to the stigma from society, family, and friends, many can feel this is the only option they for the pain to end.

Through observations there has been noticeable challenges where families, siblings, friends and loved ones have struggled to manage the grief and loss to poor mental health and suicide.

Sehhat will achieve its vision by:

  • Developing educational resources and training workshops where individuals can learn to grow and improve their knowledge of self-awareness


  • Creating wellbeing toolboxes and skill sets for individuals to refer to and expand on over time


  • Empowering and championing the change for invisible health with visionaries


  • Collaborating with organisation’s nationwide enables our research and development to make an impact, voice inequalities, and change the lack of support.

We are predominantly focusing our mission on Punjabi communities; however, our doors are open to the wider South Asian community as well.